Arpit Singh

About me and stuff

Well hello there!

I am Arpit and I have graduated in Geophysics from IIT Roorkee in 2014. My masters project was "Real-time shakemaps for Ontario", which is a seismological application involving optimization and automation of processes. While working for this project I got to collaborate with some pretty amazing people at Western University.

Currently I am working at Schlumberger as an Information management engineer. I am a part of Data Loading group, responsible for seismic, well, log, interpretation and general GIS data management for subsurface Petrotechnical applications.

I also write codes and design applications occasionally. Perl is my favorite language as I love writing scripts for almost everything I have to do (CPAN ftw!!), but I also know most other commonly used languages. My plugin for Petrel - "Optical stacking" won at the Ocean competition held at New Delhi in 2013.

My other hobbies include reading, playing violin and shooting photographs. In fact my initial intent was to develop this website as a photoblog, and I still need to work on that section!

Feel free to drop me a message or just say Hi here:

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